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Sunday, The West Village & a good friend

Sunday, The West Village & a good friend

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wedding Photography

My sister was married this past weekend- Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. David Jason Newell. I bring this up to shed a little light on the unique meridians of photography that we often overlook because of their overwhelming presence in the commercial world of "time capturing." We all like to categorize ourselves as young photographers. We catch ourselves trying to pin point the areas in which our strengths lie and the areas in which we hope to someday fit into. For me, it is most recently fashion. With that said however, most of my life I have overlooked the avenue of wedding photography because it is simply not "artsy" enough- I was ignorantly mistaking. Brian, the artist at my sister's wedding, was an incredible photographer. He chose unique angles, innovative locations, and creative organizations of the subject to ensure he was giving more to the bride and groom than just the average wedding portrait. Long story made short, he was incredible and he uses LIGHTROOM! What a smart man! His information is below and if anyone finds themselves looking for such a photographer that goes above and beyond, I highly recommend his work.

Brian D. Gross
weddings: families: life


  1. I have to agree! Brian did a wonderful job, and such a nice guy too!

  2. I don't know if it's strange for me to comment but I just wanted to say..wow! Thank you and I'm very flattered. =) Keep an eye on my blog for a massive post highlighting their wedding next week.
    Nice to meet you and keep on shooting!